@brief Set values of multiple GPIO lines. @param device Name, path, number or label of the gpiochip. @param offsets Array of offsets of lines the values of which should be set. @param values Array of integers containing new values. @param num_lines Number of lines, must be > 0. @param active_low The active state of this line - true if low. @param consumer Name of the consumer. @param cb Optional callback function that will be called right after setting all values. Works the same as in ::gpiod_ctxless_set_value. @param data Optional user data that will be passed to the callback function. @param flags The flags for the lines. @return 0 if the operation succeeds, -1 on error.

extern (C)
const(char)* device
const(uint)* offsets
const(int)* values
const(char)* consumer
void* data
int flags